The Thought for the Week this week is written by Christine Young

by Susie Jean Sharkey

"Abide in me…" John ch15 v.4

For some reason I have been thinking about this verse for a few months. I noticed that in the New Living Translation it says “Remain in me..” which makes it easier to understand, (I think that abide is an old-fashioned word!) simply that Jesus wants us to be very close to (or IN) Him constantly.

A book on the second hand bookstall caught my eye when at camp. It is called "The True Vine", and was written by Andrew Murray, a church leader who died in 1917. It is a study on John ch 15 verses 1-16. He speaks about the verse “Abide in me and I in you” and that “Abide in me” is the part that we have to do. He says that in order to abide in Christ, that we have to-

TRUST AND OBEY- I think it is so easy to worry about situations and try to work them out ourselves, rather than trust that God is able to deal with them and knows all about them. He is able to take care of everything that concerns us. If we bring the things which worry us to Jesus and deliberately give them to Him (and keep giving them to Him when they start to worry us again), it keeps our eyes on Him and takes away the strain from us.

TO DETACH OURSELVES FROM EVERYTHING ELSE- not to let other things, even good things take our love for Christ.

TO REACH OUT AFTER HIM AND CLING TO HIM- I believe that thinking about what Jesus is like, how kindly He dealt with people, His purity, and what He has done for us will help us to come to Him.


We are to be like a branch which is grafted into the vine and receive all of our life from the vine, and become part of the vine.

I think that all of this can be difficult, but that it makes it easier when we realise that Christ longs for us to live in this place with Him and that if we ask that God will help us. It is a place of rest for our souls.