The Thought for the Week this week is written by Isobel Marshall

by Susie Jean Sharkey

Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13 v 38

I have been reading the Acts of the Apostles. With freshness the core message of the Apostles struck me. Peter speaking to Cornelius and his household, “Everyone who believes in him has complete forgiveness of sin through the power of his name.” Acts 10 v 41 Paul speaking in Antioch, “So listen friends! Through this Jesus, the forgiveness of sins is offered to you”.Acts 13:38 What must it have been like to hear that message for the first time and respond. I can remember when first I needed that forgiveness, with what welcome I received it. 

Sin, like ill health may not always be visible. For some, ill health caused by physical trauma or a disease process can mark our lives, paralyse, disfigure, bring malaise, depress and more. Sometimes it is very visible, sometimes not, but its impact is felt day and night by the person who bears it. Sin is like that; crippling, deforming, weakening, affecting all aspects of our life. We bare it day and night. Its hard to watch someone struggle under the weight of ill health, Jesus healed the sick and still does. Its harder yet to watch someone you love struggle under the weight of sin, Jesus has the power to forgive sin. “My friend, your sins are forgiven.” Luke 5 v 20. To prove to an enraged audience that he possessed the power to forgive, he asked them: which is easier, heal the paralysed man or forgive him? Immediately he rose up and walked. When Jesus forgives us we immediately know the difference and it is felt throughout our whole being.