The Thought for the Week this week is written by Jennifer Offord

by Susie Jean Sharkey

“His Name will be called Wonderful Isaiah” 9:6


“Grandma, Grandma look, GRANDMA look, GRANDMA LOOK, oh look, look, look. I was out a walk with my 4 year old grandson.  Every two seconds he seemed to be finding something else that he was excited about, a log to climb on, an enormous toad, every bird we saw had to be identified, all had to be explored and the walk rang with his cries of look over and over again.

 I was amazed by his capacity to wonder at even the most trivial of things and I though of the fact that children live in a world filled with wonder. They can stare at a butterfly on a flower and be perfectly content.

 In our word today we are surrounded by so much but for many people life is just dull. They look for new things but once the novelty wears off they are bored again. Wonder is lost in the round of daily life. The only person that can change this and restore wonder to our lives is Jesus Christ, because His name is Wonderful.

 Everything about Jesus is wonderful, His birth, His life, His death, His resurrection and His words. Everything is changed when He comes, a wedding is transformed and ordinary fishermen have their lives changed forever, outcasts are shown love and acceptance, the blind see and the deaf hear and death is no longer to be feared.   Wonder comes into our lives as we walk with Him, ordinary people experience extraordinary things because of the wonder of Christ. When we are born again we receive a whole new set of spiritual senses, everything becomes different as George Wade Robinson said in his hymn “Heaven above is softer blue, earth around is sweeter green”

 When we walk with Jesus by faith we know the meaning of wonder and this life will grow until we see Him finally as He is. We will be lost in the wonder of His Glory. No darkness, dullness, monotony, loneliness, pain or sorrow will be there.  We will see with perfect vision and eternal wonder “We shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is (1 John 3:2). What could be more wonderful!