The Thought for the Week this week is written by Janice Hederson

by Susie Jean Sharkey

While they were worshipping as priests before the lord in prayer and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, ' I have called Barnabas and Saul to do an important work for me.  Now release them to go and fulfil it.'  so after they had fasted and prayed, they laid hands on them and sent them off.  Acts:13v2  TPT

Saul and Barnabas Sent Out as Apostles

Paul and Barnabas were the ' Sent Ones ' this is the meaning of the word Apostle. This is a lovely thought.  Who sent them? as we read the the above chapter we look at their Church in Antioch we note that there was a number of prophets and teachers of the word, one is Simeon who isn't mentioned anywhere else in in scripture but it's believed he is Simon of Cryene who just passing through, was laid hold of to carry the cross of Jesus, this Simon was brought very close to Jesus and shared the special bond that comes through suffering. Its not surprising that he was part of this church leadership who were committed to seeking, listening and waiting on God. The leaders laid hands on them but It was the Holy Spirit who sent them, He is the Lord of the harvest who sends out the labourers into the harvest field!

We learn the ways of God by looking at the establishing of the early Church, the true church will always be built by the Holy Spirit.  It was while the church leaders were ministering to God that the Holy Spirit called Paul and Barnabas to the office of Apostle, they followed the same pattern going out and laying hands on disciples and ordaining elders in the churches.  God is creative, He is the creator He is also the God of Order and we pray  ' thy will be done ' with confidence that his ways work. 

We have all been called to do a particular work of God but first we must learn how to serve and know that God makes no mistakes, that we will be ' Sent ' by the Spirit, His Way, and in His Time also there will be a confidence because He is definite and gives assurance. during our time of learning, we will become more attuned to His ways of transmitting His desires to us, until the ' still small voice ' sounds above the crowd to us, this becomes everything and is such a beautiful way of being, iit is also what a Christian means when they say they are apart or separated to God. Like the Church in Antioch whose leaders were hearing from God, we also trust the same God who imparts the ministry of the Holy spirit from our leaders who follow the same pattern as the first church. God is a loving God who makes every provision to keep His people safe and secure and this is the heart of our leaders who care for our safety in this battle for souls. A soldier does not go out to battle without discipline and training under authority, how much more a Christian without the authority of God! 

A final thought: humility keeps us safe. Personally the more I pass through and learn of God’s ways, the knowledge, value and appreciation of my leaders grow, those who have gone before us are held in high regard.

May the blessing of God be on all his people  Amen