THe Thought for the Week is written by Paul Sharkey

by Susie Jean Sharkey

 “I am .... the truth..” (John 14:6)

 It’s a huge relief that Jesus declares Himself as the truth! We live in a generation that has, to a great extent, abandoned the truth, or should I say, the Truth - and any search for ultimate truth and purpose in this life. In fact, it is generally accepted (it seems,) that you can choose or invent your own truth, this doesn’t just refer to belief in some form of life after death, (I’ve heard it said that when we die we become stars), but the ability in this life to ‘identify’ as a particular race, age or gender, even if it is plainly untrue. This brings a huge problem to this generation and at least the next, that people are believing - and, being encouraged to believe - ‘facts’ which are plainly not true. This has, and will have, huge repercussions when society starts believing black is white and white is black. Society’s very foundations are under threat and it will become impossible to reason on any issue by making reference to some previously accepted norm - simply because it won’t exist anymore.
Many will find these recent trends and developments deeply worrying and have a feeling of helplessness that they are trying to stand against an awful flood tide of lies and untruths. Take courage! Jesus has declared Himself as the truth! Live close to Him, steep yourself in the bible and let God’s truths take deep root in your soul. You will find fear departs, courage appears and you will see these issues very clearly and be able to answer any critic. Jesus is not ‘a truth’ He is the truth! Hallelujah!