The Thought for the Week this week is written by Susie Sharkey

by Susie Jean Sharkey

Luke 1 v 46 ‘Oh how my soul praises the Lord……’

Yesterday we saw the beginning of Advent and for the next 24 days I am following a bible plan that takes us through the Christmas story. This morning during my quiet time I read from Luke chapter 1 where Mary speaks, what has become known as ”the Magnificat” where she worships and praises God while visiting her cousin after the visitation of an angel to tell her she is going to have a baby. I must confess, my own little quiet time was not enough to take in the magnificence of the Magnificat. Each verse could be a study and a meditation on it’s own for the next twenty four days, and let’s not forget, these words were spoken from the heart of a teenager. Verses such as ‘His mighty arm has done tremendous things’ and ‘He has filled the hungry with good things….’

Why not use the Magnificat over this advent season to draw closer to God and experience the awe and the wonder that a simple teenage girl long ago felt when she encountered the divine.

Read Luke 1 verses 46 to 55 ponder, meditate and be filled with awe.