The Thought for the Week this week is written by Paul Sharkey

by Susie Jean Sharkey

“Fixing our eyes upon Jesus” Heb. 12:2

             We live in troubled times. There is increasing persecution of Christians throughout the world; we read of Christians (though not only Christians) fleeing their homes and businesses – leaving everything behind them and escaping with virtually the clothes on their backs. Persecuted for not submitting to different beliefs and a different way of life. Flee or die. Shocking, in every respect.           

            In the West, although life is quite comfortable in many respects, there have already been cases of Christians losing their jobs, or their education because of their firmly-held Christian beliefs – in many cases relating to same-sex marriage, or perhaps for praying with someone at work. Marginalisation and persecution are on the rise here too. And, with more and more liberal legislation being passed, it may well get worse. 

            So, how do we respond as Christians? How do we cope with increasing criticism of our biblical beliefs and our choice to follow the Saviour wherever He should lead us? How do we deal with criticism or antagonism in the workplace, if that exists? Hebrews gives us the very specific answer, it is by “fixing our eyes upon Jesus”. There is no other way. When the storm raged and the disciples thought their boat would sink, they immediately looked to Jesus, “Lord, save us!” (Matt. 8:25), clearly showing us the way through every storm in life – they instinctively knew that in the midst of fearful troubles the thing to do was to call on Jesus for help. It is ever thus. Jesus is still there coming to the aid of Christians in their own personal storms. 

“Call to me and I will answer!” (Jer. 33:3) The bible isn't vague. Call on Him today to calm the storm in your own life.