The Thought for the Week this week is written by Paul Sharkey

by Susie Jean Sharkey

When troubles come...       

                         When we truly set ourselves to follow Jesus, troubles will come. There is no other way. Scripture tells us that the followers of Jesus will be persecuted, that hardships will come, that strife and division in families may well be a consequence of following Jesus. In the life of Paul we read of shipwrecks, beatings and imprisonment, while Stephen was stoned for his solid faith in Jesus and his uncompromising testimony to Him as the Son of God. We see on our news reports frequently of Christians persecuted, or martyred for their faith. Trouble for believers has existed as long as there have been believers. It won't change, so if you are committed to following Jesus, then troubles will inevitably come.

So, how should a Christian deal with troubles?


1.      Firstly, don't be surprised when strife or division comes, but take a step back and avoid a knee-jerk reaction.

2.      Realise that the devil is trying to use these circumstances to unsettle you and make you lose your peace.

3.      Realise that God knows you're in these circumstances and through them He's giving you and opportunity to move deeper into Him.

4.      Live close to God, through bible reading and prayer; commit all the issues and circumstances to Him, in other words dealing with troubles first of all in prayer, which will form a foundation for any action you might have to take.

5.      Above all, seek that peace which surpasses all understanding (Phillipians 4:7). God is far deeper than any troubles this world can bring, so get into God deeper than the troubles that have come upon you! That is the secret in a time of trouble.