The Thought for the Week this week is written by Paul Sharkey

by Susie Jean Sharkey

..where you are standing is holy ground. (Exodus 3:5)

           An encounter with God changes you forever. Moses saw a bush burning, but strangely, it was not burned up. He was drawn to go nearer to investigate - and in that hour encountered the living God! He was afraid to look upon God and discovered he was standing in a holy place. God spoke to him and from then on we see a changed Moses: a new Moses, all as a result of his encounter with the living God.

            I wonder if Moses thought he'd 'missed the boat'? He had fled Egypt and Pharaoh and was tending a flock of sheep or goats and we only know that he'd been there for a 'long time' (Exodus 2:23). I wonder if he thought that he'd 'missed his calling' and was right out of God's will; after all, he had made a mess of things in Egypt and his life had plainly and simply, gone wrong. Have you been there? Are you wandering in your own wilderness trying to work out where it all went wrong?

            We're not told in the Exodus story, but I wonder what thoughts and prayers were going through Moses' mind as he tended that flock? How did Moses approach those days which must have seemed very ordinary and maybe even boring? I don't know, but one day everything changed because he had an encounter with God! When God speaks, everything is changed. Life has meaning and purpose, suddenly there is a vision of what must be accomplished.

            In the wilderness? In the desert of the ordinary? Call out to God in your heart! Praise and worship Him, though the way seems weary. Who knows? Today you might suddenly find yourself standing in a holy place. Are you ready!