The Thought for the Week this week is written by Paul Sharkey

by Susie Jean Sharkey


So, faith comes from hearing.. Rom 10:17


It might be best to start off by making a short list of what faith is not:

              •      Faith is not forcing yourself to say you believe something because you'll look like a weak Christian if you don't say it.

      Faith is not finding a verse in the bible that fits your situation and choosing to believe it because it's in the bible, after all.

      Faith is not choosing to believe or say something is the Will of God because someone you think is a better Christian than you has said it.

To approach faith like this will eventually lead to great disappointment, confusion, great upset, emotional wounds and possibly spiritual shipwreck depending upon the importance of the issue you were having faith about.

Faith comes from hearing... Let's start with a very easy to understand day-to-day example: Think of someone you trust deeply. Now, if that person said they were coming to your house to give you £100 today, you would believe them because they had said it to you; that person had given you their word. You would quite justifiably tell your friends and neighbours that you were going to receive a sum of money today because you believed the promise of the person who had spoken to you. If someone asked you for evidence of this forthcoming windfall you wouldn't have any outward evidence, just the belief in your heart that the windfall would definitely come.

The same is true of faith in God. Has He spoken? Has He spoken to you? You may be praying for a situation and you begin to know without a shadow of a doubt that all will be well. God has spoken to you believe this with all your heart; have faith in what God has said to you, it will happen. Are you reading the bible when a verse seems to leap off the page and lodge somewhere deep inside you? You have heard from God; have faith in what He has said. Faith comes by hearing you have just heard from God.

There are too many tragic tales of Christians getting this wrong and believing for a miracle when there has been no such living word from God. If you haven't heard from Him yet, get closer to Him; get to know God better and enter into the miraculous dimension of real faith by hearing Him in your heart.