The Thought for the Week this week was written by Mandy Stinglehammer

by Susie Jean Sharkey

John 19:30 “It is finished”

The work of Christ at Calvary stands for all time and eternity and there is absolutely nothing that the devil can do which can ever undo it, or change it in any way.

“he has no power over me” (John 14:30)

Satan is indeed totally powerless to lessen the atoning power of the cross, either in the past, in the present or in the future. 

So the only thing left to him to do is to try to twist the truth about it in our minds and try to insinuate his lies into our thinking through doubt, discouragement, a sense of our own unworthiness.

Let us not allow his deceiving any space in our hearts, but rather continually affirm the efficacy of our eternal salvation through the victorious, redeeming sacrifice of Christ.