The Thought for the Week this week was written by Jennifer Offord

by Susie Jean Sharkey

He said to him "Tend my sheep" John 21.16

A sheep on it's back! I thought at first it was dead but then I saw some movement - but it was well and truly stuck. I had been out walking my dogs around where I stay and I watch sheep antics all the time and get many lessons from them. I knew, because the farmer had told me, that when a sheep stumbled or slipped and ended up on it's back it was almost impossible for it to get back up. It would suffer a slow death with birds pecking at it while it was still alive. I knew I had to help her to get up. I tried pulling her coat but she gave me a kick (silly sheep didn't she know I was trying to help her!) eventually I grabbed her feet and hauled her over and she got up and ran off none the worse for her near miss.

I thought of these words that Jesus spoke to Peter - "Tend my sheep" Sometimes our fellow christians get themselves in just such a situation as my tumbled sheep, they slip,stumble or fall. The way of the world is to kick a man when he is down, it's not the way of Christ, we are called to tend the sheep, to reach out and help to pull one another up  and to have a heart that is tender to one another.

Or perhaps you have fallen and can't get back up - remember that He is the Good Shepherd and will reach out to lift you up so that you may run again.