The Thought for the Week this week was written by Flo Buchan

by Susie Jean Sharkey

You are precious to me. You are honored and I love you. Isaiah 43:4

You can't find that crucial letter! What's happened to the car keys? A quick prayer- "Oh Lord help me to locate the letter." "Lord, you know I'm in a hurry-please lead me to the car keys."

Have you ever said a quick desperate prayer for help, not as a lucky charm, but because you know God is your loving Father and is a God who cares about you?

As we speak to God and ask Him for help in the small things we become aware how interested God is in the minutiae of our lives; we are amazed when we realise He cares about the smallest details. He cares whether we find the car keys; He cares whether we find the letter. He wants us to dwell in harmony with Himself every moment of our lives because He is our Father and He loves us.

Life's experiences teach us that the problems are not always resolved straight away- sometimes the car keys are lost! But God always shows us a way through the difficulty and helps us to remain in that place of peace if we will but trust in Him.

God prepares us in the small difficulties of life for the more series challenges that may come- when we receive bad news about the health of a loved one or we have concerns about our finances. We have learned that we can trust in God's loving care towards us. In the natural realm people go to the gym to strengthen and tone their physical muscles. As they keep attending the gym their muscles get stronger. So it is with us as we exercise our spiritual muscles of trust in God, our faith becomes stronger and stronger. We learn to trust that although God does not always take away that illness or that financial difficulty, He will show us a way through and give us His peace and joy even in times of great suffering and hardship.

How true that chorus is,

Trust and obey, for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey

We are indeed precious to God and He loves us