The Thought for the Week this week was written by Elaine McKenzie Smith

by Susie Jean Sharkey

Go down to the potter's house and there I will give you my message Jer. 18.2

Recently we watched a potter at work. The clay to be used was cut away from the slab of grey clay and placed on the potter' s wheel. Water was poured over the clay, the potter's hands were also wet and the wheel began to turn. First the clay had to be centred on the wheel. If this did not happen then the pot would be impossible to shape correctly. More water was poured over the clay and the potter began to feel for any roughness on the outside of the clay. This was smoothed away. Now the real shaping could begin. More water and the potter's thumbs pushed down into the centre of the clay. A pot began to rise up and take shape. All the while the wheel was spinning and
the water was flowing the potter could make any shape he liked. Once these two things stopped, no more changes could take place.
The wheel stopped and the potter had his vase but it was not yet fit for purpose. The shape was correct but until it was fired in the furnace it could not hold water and be of use.The analogy is striking. We are all the same dull grey until we are cut away from this world and in the hands of the potter. We must be centred in Christ and anointed by the Holy Spirit for change to take place. The greatest shaping for us to become vessels of Christ takes place on the inside. All the while we are in Christ's hands and under the flow of the Holy Spirit there is hope of change for us and to be truly fit for the master's use there must be refining fire. We cannot avoid the cross if we wish to be of service and hold within us the precious Holy Spirit.