The Thought for the week this week was written by Jennifer Offord

by Susie Jean Sharkey


"My sheep hear My voice and I know them and they will follow me. And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of my hand" John 10.27 - 28

We have a joke in our house as we change this verse to say "my sheep hear my quad bike!"  Modern farming means that shepherds don't follow their charges around on foot or call them but the principle is still the same, as soon as the sheep on the hills around my house hear the sound of the farmers quad bike they start off to find him as surely as they would if he had been calling out. They will follow him over the fields as they know he is coming with something for them.  Sometimes as I drive up the road they think I'm their shepherd and start to follow me but they quickly realise that they have the wrong person and give up on me as they know I have nothing for them. 

It illustrates so clearly this principle "My sheep here My voice" It is so simple, we first hear the voice of Jesus when He calls us to salvation and as we start to follow HIm His voice becomes clearer and unmistakable. The verse goes on to say "and I know them", our farmer can tell you about every one of his sheep, who it's parents were, if it is strong, needing help etc. How wonderful that Christ knows us, He knows everything about us, our sorrows and our joys, our trials and our triumphs, but best of all as we follow HIm he will recognise us as we enter into eternity and give us eternal life.

Are you worried that you won't hear the voice of Jesus, He's speaking to you all the time, you just need to listen. Or are you someone who feels overlooked, no one sees or understands your difficulties, Jesus knows and "standing somewhere in the shadows you will find Him." He will never pass you by because you are one of His flock.