The Thought for the week this week was written by our Assistant Pastor Jennifer Offord

by Susie Jean Sharkey

All we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned everyone to his own way. Isaiah 53.6

"That sheep is in the garden again!" comes the cry from my husband as he chases her out for the third time that day. "Worse still" he tells me "she is teaching her lamb how to get in as well"  

The bible describes us as sheep that have gone astray and taken our own way and I thought of how apt a description that was of us as I watched this sheep again and again go where she was not meant to be, it didn't matter how often she was warned off or chased out. So with us we can be so wilful and headstrong and when we have gone astray we teach others how to do so also.  

There was good news for us and our sheep though, the farmer spotted her in forbidden territory and moved her to a better pasture over the hill where she is safe and content. 

Praise God that we too have a Shepherd that takes us from the paths where we have gone astray and sets us onto a better path that leads to life. He doesn't just move us though to pastures new but he changes our desires so that we no longer want to wander or take our own way, He changes us so that we start to want His way rather than our own as we realise that there is "no peace, no joy , no thrill like walking in His will" What a wonderful salvation we have.