August camp report by Kathryn McKenzie-Smith

by Susie Jean Sharkey

August camp began with Alison Speirs, leader of Glasgow church, speaking on Monday night. Alison spoke of the Lord’s Prayer and how we, as Christians, need to have seriousness when we come to pray in front of God.
On Tuesday morning Jennifer Jack spoke about choices that we must make. She also when on to say how the right choice can lead us further towards God and how thus this became the difference between Lot and Abraham
On Tuesday night Grace Gault spoke also of Lot and Abraham but instead in the context of God being our reward and how not to be offended with God.

On Wednesday Alison was speaking about the joy of god and how to not linger in bad company.
On Thursday morning Andrew Jewel preached about god being our banner and in the evening Jennifer spoke about Elijah and Calvary. She went on to point out the similarity between the rain they came down on Mount Carmel being the same rain as of the Holy Spirit waiting to come down on us. She spoke about how we need to be hungry and pray for that coming down of the Holy Spirit inside and outside of church.