Report of the Youth Weekend held from 1st to 3rd February 2019

by Susie Jean Sharkey

Report written by Clair Mellstrom

Friday night 

This is the second year we have had the youth weekend. It started on the Friday night with Tiffies talking about the Baptism in the Holly Spirit. She said a little on her experience and what it was like for her at the time when she received it. She also said that we should not panic if we hadn’t got the baptism yet and that our time will come, we just have to seek a little harder. Like last year there is a theme to the weekend. This year the theme was Spy’s. Everyone got special names and put into a team.


In the morning Sophie, Johnny and David sang ‘Fall Away’. Eric was taking the rest of the morning. He gave us 6 rules that’s makes us be a good spy, but he was also saying being a spy is a bit like being a Christian. He was saying that we should know our God and know where we can find him, be close and never lose sight of your God,  listen, and make sure you know what he is saying to you, don’t get caught doing the wrong thing and don’t let sin get in the way of your life between you and god. 

At the night meeting Lauren Semple said a bit about how she received her baptism. Some you the older teens sang ‘Christ is enough for me’. It was a nice start to the night meeting. Lorna was taking the main part of the meeting. She was talking about a 12 year old boy called Jonathan Bryan.

Tonight during the prayer time people went forward for prayer, and tonight also there was a lovely presence that I will never forget. Many people, including myself were very moved during the prayer time and got a real sense of what God’s love is really like. Many people stayed on after the meeting to just sit in that wonderful presence of God. I’m my opinion I think it was one of the best prayer times we have had at a youth weekend. So many young people were moved and reaching out to know more of God. 


The last meeting Lorna was taking. Her title was ‘Mission Possible.’ She was saying that we have a mission, that mission is being a Christian. Lorna was comparing is to a duo parachuter.  God is always there like the parachute instructor who will release the parachute. We just have to trust him. I have really enjoyed the weekend, We have all been touched by the presence of God this weekend.