Podcasts of our Sunday sermons are now available.   Please get in touch using our contact page with your e-mail address if you are interested in receiving these.

The Minister of Struthers Church Glasgow is Alison Speirs and the deputy Minister is Jennifer Offord. 

Struthers Memorial Church is an independant Pentescostal church set up in the 1950's with various branch churches being added throughout the years. Please have a look on our main church website , our  Pudsey Branch (Fartown Christian Fellowship) and Cumbernauld website for information on other branches of Struthers Church.

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Times of Services

Sunday Morning 10.30 am

This is a communion service with Sunday school and creche

Sunday Evening 6.30pm

Worship and preaching. There is normally a young people’s meeting ( for ages 10 and under) that runs concurrently with the main meeting)

Tuesday Evening 7.30pm. this finishes at the end of June and starts again at the end of August……our session of Autumn Tuesday evening meetings starts back on Tuesday 27 August

This meeting varies from week to week. There is at least one intercessory prayer meeting per month, one tarry meeting and and bible studies

Saturday Evening 7.30pm

There are normally a number of visitors who attend our Saturday evening service in the Glasgow church along with members from other branches of the Struthers Group of churches


See our blog for details of  other upcoming outreach events