Tuesday night prayer meeting

by Susie Jean Sharkey

We had an excellent prayer meeting on Tuesday evening. On the First Tuesday of each month we hold an intercessory prayer meeting. This is usually split into three parts. Firstly we have a short time of singing and then we pray for the sick. There is usually a very varied list of people to pray for and this Tuesday night included us praying for Rosie Gaw from our own congregation who is currently doing voluntary work in India and has taken ill. We also prayed for Annukka from our own congregation who has been a bible translator/teacher in Africa for about 20 years. Other prayer requests included cancers, depression and other illnesses suffered by people not in the church but known to members of the congregation. We pray not only for physical healing but that these friends may come to know The Healer himself.
After we have prayed for the sick we move on and pray for other situations such as forthcoming outreach events, the work in Cedars School, wider issues such as the ongoing crisis in Syria and other situations that people are burdened for. There was a very real access to pray and we had an evening of reaching out to the Throne of God on behalf of our friends, families and this world in which we live.